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Residential Equipment Customer Advantage Program:

Welcome to the Murray HVAC, Inc. Family. We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive maintenance plans available in our industry today. It is designed to provide you with complete "Peace of Mind" protection for all of your heating and air conditioning equipment. In addition, our plan will help extend the life of your equipment, while helping reduce operating expenses and help prevent costly avoidable repairs. The benefits that our customers are entitled to as part of the Murray R.E.C.A.P program are:

  1. Priority Service Status

  2. 10% Discount on any repair parts needed but not covered by this plan or manufacturer's warranty.

  3. 10% Discount on any emergency service required but not covered by this plan.

  4. In addition, all EMERGENCY service work will be billed at normal service rates with NO overtime charges.

  5. All repairs made as part of this agreement will be warranted for 90 DAYS from the date of service.

  6. This plan is fully transferable to your new home or the purchaser of your existing home under which this plan is originally written.

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